1. Redfern Redemption

    Halloween came on early, and peaked quickly this year, once again with thanks going to everyone’s favourite rave Commander in Cheif Adrian.

    Munters Punters turned up in droves to celebrate the first day of Hallowmas, and rather than partake in the more traditional celebrations and observances of fasting, prayer and vigils, Sailor Jerry and Budweiser (god bless you) provided the holy elixir to fill everyone with the holy spirit.

    Naturally, no good party is over without the Police bashing down the door and trying to arrest Adrian - which also happened.


     photo IMG_9035_zps7d17c632.jpg  photo IMG_9047_zpseb498a8a.jpg  photo IMG_9067_zps646ceb6d.jpg  photo IMG_9085_zps5afebde0.jpg  photo IMG_9032_zps93068c01.jpg  photo IMG_9039_zps5d244691.jpg  photo IMG_9045_zps0b605546.jpg  photo IMG_9049_zps6dd8bf66.jpg  photo IMG_9039_zps5d244691.jpg  photo IMG_9056_zps7aab5b4f.jpg  photo IMG_9059_zps0cd37467.jpg  photo IMG_9064_zpsea4afda8.jpg  photo IMG_9066_zpsf0a63221.jpg  photo IMG_9069_zps7582a250.jpg  photo IMG_9075_zps288ed3c7.jpg  photo IMG_9077_zps48756d85.jpg  photo IMG_9080_zps84997b0a.jpg  photo IMG_9061_zps51445783.jpg  photo IMG_9052_zpse5764a63.jpg  photo IMG_9053_zpsbfaf1b90.jpg  photo IMG_9083_zpsf2afa299.jpg  photo IMG_9086_zpsbc624133.jpg  photo IMG_9087_zpsaf87d2a6.jpg  photo IMG_9092_zps5382d9a0.jpg  photo IMG_9093_zps36faa858.jpg  photo IMG_9095_zps0f3f000f.jpg  photo IMG_9097_zpsb8b54c2c.jpg  photo IMG_9100_zps4afead6e.jpg  photo IMG_9112_zps249cf0ff.jpg  photo IMG_9122_zps1e09c782.jpg


  2. Some Say I So I Say Ghostpoet

    An undetermined number of days ago, Oxford Art Factory’s main staged supported the weight of the English singer/songwriter Ghostpoet coming off the back of his second album release “Some Say I So I Say Light”.

    Our man Thomas E Graham was there with his eyes to interpret, here’s what he thought;

    photo ghostpoet-6084_zps52cfb174.jpg

    photo ghostpoet-6118_zps75656872.jpg

    photo ghostpoet-6610_zps53c3a059.jpg

    photo ghostpoet-6624_zps41ff464f.jpg

    photo ghostpoet-6548_zps5fabab20.jpg

    photo ghostpoet-6498_zpsdec81bc6.jpg

    photo ghostpoet-6396_zps644b5b29.jpg photo ghostpoet-6428_zpscfdea97a.jpg photo ghostpoet-6216_zps0910635a.jpg



    The sacred walls of Williams St’s Club 77 has seen alot of things over the many years, alot of things I’m sure it would rather forget. Unexplainable things, unthinkable things, and I’m sure even sticky things.

    While some might describe SALVA’s (and Astral People’s) 77 debut as such, I’m sure those walls had never been sadder to see the enviable lights on as the very wee hours of the morning struck, and neither had we.

    With a supporting of some of the unreasonably talented young sparks whom are making their name around Australia at the moment it would take a viva army to wipe the sweat from those enchanted walls.

     photo IMG_8534_zps5d9328a2.jpg

     photo IMG_8597_zpsae5008b8.jpg

     photo IMG_8306_zps5e14987e.jpg

     photo IMG_8481_zpsae07ea91.jpg

     photo IMG_8408_zps44daaa74.jpg

     photo IMG_8393_zps42de0043.jpg

     photo IMG_8397_zps7b053b22.jpg

     photo IMG_8313_zps0972be01.jpg

     photo IMG_8473_zpsbe303ef0.jpg

     photo IMG_8474_zps389f63df.jpg

     photo IMG_8557_zps58992e41.jpg

     photo IMG_8446_zpsb7379ffb.jpg

     photo IMG_8619_zps9c6c4a14.jpg

     photo IMG_8627_zpsbca5811a.jpg

     photo IMG_8602_zps0de13529.jpg

     photo IMG_8651_zps86c4b87c.jpg

     photo IMG_8659_zpsb68810a4.jpg

     photo IMG_8669_zpsd297a02a.jpg

     photo IMG_8678_zpsfa5a83a7.jpg

     photo IMG_8705_zps08c7dc8e.jpg

     photo IMG_8788_zpseb4b4c23.jpg

     photo IMG_8793_zps0c35e1bf.jpg

     photo IMG_8866_zpsc8cfae99.jpg

     photo IMG_8858_zpse5901fae.jpg

     photo IMG_8884_zpsdd4609d9.jpg

     photo IMG_8974_zps50b548fd.jpg

     photo IMG_8960_zps9dd8f69a.jpg

     photo IMG_8937_zps87884443.jpg

     photo IMG_8810_zpse4aa46d2.jpg

     photo IMG_8949_zpsad1f9e16.jpg


  4. EK Collective feat. Slow Blow

    So this happened.

    Recently, local dudes EK Collective thew a party featuring quite possibly the most accessorised men in Sydney dance music, a hotly contested title.

    With support from their own troops and choosing Tatler as their trench, it certainly was a scene.

    Oh the humanity.

    photo IMG_6589_zpsca129abb.jpg

    photo IMG_6823_zpsaca0c5d8.jpg

    photo IMG_6820_zps09dbe073.jpg

    photo IMG_6814_zpsfb62ebdd.jpg

    photo IMG_6798_zpscf75e589.jpg

    photo IMG_6772_zpsedbbb6bd.jpg

    photo IMG_6760_zps022f00d1.jpg

    photo IMG_6732_zps0088d759.jpg

    photo IMG_6730_zps63147d70.jpg

    photo IMG_6746_zps4bd99049.jpg

    photo IMG_6717_zps2b6cb792.jpg

    photo IMG_6714_zpsd0db43d0.jpg

    photo IMG_6707_zpsf31ae4ef.jpg

    photo IMG_6700_zps2ac2e48d.jpg

    photo IMG_6691_zps2f2ca4a7.jpg

    photo IMG_6681_zps3ad6122f.jpg

    photo IMG_6671_zps58d47e09.jpg

    photo IMG_6508_zps8861cbd0.jpg

    photo IMG_6487_zps86a112fc.jpg

    photo IMG_6537_zps7bd26b85.jpg

    photo IMG_6550_zps497017f4.jpg

    photo IMG_6621_zpsff60cb63.jpg

    photo IMG_6616_zpsb92c6055.jpg

    photo IMG_6611_zps160fe2da.jpg

    photo IMG_6664_zps7e4aab07.jpg

    photo IMG_6671_zps58d47e09.jpg

    photo IMG_6780_zpse82052a0.jpg

    photo IMG_6768_zps3249b3bf.jpg

    See more from these guys via the EK Collective Facebook

    By Lucid



    In news larger than Kim and Kayne’s latest spawn, I’m pleased and aroused to announce Lucid’s newest co-conspirator.

    Partner in crimes and in primes, club co-inhabitor and long time photographer pit ally Thomas Graham will be guiding you through the best and the worst that Sydney has to offer from behind his lenses.

    Round of applause for Tom, and if you weren’t already, get excited for what this guy has in store for you all.

    Welcome aboard.

     photo thomas_zpsbbca91c9.jpg


  6. Iconic Australians

    To keep it brief; this was a big one.

    Who else to cram inside one of Sydney’s best pointy icons that three hands full of Sydney’s best musical talents and technomen, with a peppering of international acts too.

    Each and every month Sydney shows us all there is another level of party, just when you thought we’d reached the top. Onwards and upwards.

     photo IMG_9852_zpsbc353285.jpg

     photo IMG_9927_zps8bd7bcd3.jpg

     photo IMG_0141_zpsaacb75a0.jpg

     photo IMG_9995_zps5c50b860.jpg

     photo IMG_9916_zps00067f18.jpg

     photo IMG_9921_zps41eceaab.jpg

     photo IMG_9894_zps71c466b4.jpg

     photo IMG_9823_zpse850f65e.jpg

     photo IMG_9807_zpsa3f0e9e8.jpg

     photo IMG_9801_zps4f5459d7.jpg

     photo IMG_9701_zpsce9ade93.jpg

     photo IMG_9671_zps13c159b8.jpg

     photo IMG_0253_zps041ea392.jpg

     photo IMG_0236_zps11dceccd.jpg

     photo IMG_0239_zpscfd42f15.jpg

     photo IMG_0229_zps397c9b73.jpg

     photo IMG_0214_zps9d5e83b3.jpg

     photo IMG_0150_zps91898127.jpg

     photo IMG_0137_zpsaf61ab72.jpg

     photo IMG_0132_zps728a0ab5.jpg

     photo IMG_0119_zps8d2703ba.jpg

     photo IMG_0117_zps71b70b4d.jpg

     photo IMG_9835_zpsdbbff653.jpg

     photo IMG_0103_zpsa96032b4.jpg

     photo IMG_0082_zps1c6f11bf.jpg

     photo IMG_0074_zpsa4ec8313.jpg

     photo IMG_0022_zpsa811e436.jpg

     photo IMG_9940_zps3a883224.jpg

     photo IMG_9814_zpsdb43db0f.jpg


  7. They Call it Cashmere

    The frothers were out in force last Thursday at the can of bass that is the Civic Underground for Astral People and Future Classic’s encore showing of Norwegian Cashmere Cat.

    Local clones Cosmos Midnight in support with our boy Ben Fester got things cooking, before Cashmere emerged onstage and graced the decks.

    photo IMG_8981_zps9fc254da.jpg

    photo IMG_9248_zps233207b9.jpg

    photo IMG_9266_zps9addaeb0.jpg

    photo IMG_9265_zps08b594df.jpg

    photo IMG_9279_zps1691e26e.jpg

    photo IMG_9270_zpsf9d7da39.jpg

    photo IMG_9301_zps67d14f01.jpg

    photo IMG_9309_zps8599af5b.jpg

    photo IMG_9346_zpsaf660afb.jpg

    photo IMG_9429_zps3da19078.jpg

    photo IMG_9412_zps1b36afcb.jpg

    photo IMG_9497_zps3ce32efa.jpg


  8. 100% SILK

    It’s not very often, if ever, that I get to use the word “textural” to describe a party, but heavens to Bettsy, Astral’s showcase of Octo Octa, Bobby Browser and Magic Touch was nothing short of silky smooth.

    The vibes were palpable, the air was warm and we were cosy. Even those on stage began disrobing and kicking off their shoes. It was a night of hugs and not of high fives as Goodgod may have been everyones collective bedroom, while everyone felt right at home.

    photo IMG_7226_zps7ff6b133.jpg

    photo IMG_7250_zps1c4a3d9d.jpg

    photo IMG_7278_zps51c1c269.jpg

    photo IMG_7326_zpsdbce3e36.jpg

    photo IMG_7269_zps83a1bdb0.jpg

    photo IMG_7281_zps83e0258f.jpg

    photo IMG_7317_zpsab6ba917.jpg

    photo IMG_7293_zpsa71a1516.jpg

    photo IMG_7371_zpsb2ba3210.jpg

    photo IMG_7332_zps4a447e0c.jpg

    photo IMG_7402_zps2786a538.jpg

    photo IMG_7437_zpsd5e5dda1.jpg

    photo IMG_7449_zpsa4688a94.jpg

    photo IMG_7471_zps911c34e7.jpg

    photo IMG_7501_zps89d4964f.jpg

    photo IMG_7510_zps44f8cd6c.jpg


  9. Overpass feat. Antoine

    Today I hung out with my friend Antoine.

    photo IMG_6245-UP_zpsec9474ef.jpg

    photo IMG_6258-UP_zps5c0df2dd.jpg

    photo IMG_6282-UP_zpsc73d4f31.jpg

    photo IMG_6247-UP_zps8f75bfa7.jpg

    photo IMG_6267-UP_zpsf53bc726.jpg

    photo IMG_6251-UP_zps0a0a6119.jpg

    photo IMG_6279-UP_zpscc2768a1.jpg

    photo IMG_6304-UP_zps16f94eb3.jpg

    photo IMG_6293-UP_zpsc18b49c3.jpg



    Not all parties are created equal, and with our friend Adrian at the helm as chief rave director, this one was destined to not only go off the rails, but fall down a cliff and then into a pit full of David Hasslehoff’s.

    With personal hero’s of mine Carlie D providing the ammunition in the form of antarctic tinnies of amber gold, suffice to say we were all quite adequately lubricated and good times ensued.

     photo IMG_4712_zps764a8a07.jpg

     photo IMG_4715_zps3c6ba7ac.jpg

     photo IMG_4713_zps31dabfc7.jpg

     photo IMG_4719_zps2d31302f.jpg

     photo IMG_4723_zps64b10a0a.jpg

     photo IMG_4731_zpsa77a41ab.jpg

     photo IMG_4733_zps4c0781d3.jpg

     photo IMG_4735_zps999e359d.jpg

     photo IMG_4741_zps340173f6.jpg

     photo IMG_4753_zps69ca9a1e.jpg

     photo IMG_4774_zps67df96e0.jpg

     photo IMG_4798_zps9ea7814f.jpg

     photo IMG_4801_zpsf862f471.jpg

     photo IMG_4803_zps79df3b5f.jpg

     photo IMG_4810_zps1f200fcc.jpg

     photo IMG_4821_zpsfb781b3c.jpg

     photo IMG_4830_zpsab5d4df5.jpg

     photo IMG_4835_zpsb8eec845.jpg

     photo IMG_4846_zps7ee4412a.jpg

     photo IMG_4868_zpsc064ec52.jpg

     photo IMG_4876_zpsee077216.jpg

     photo IMG_4911_zps395d21ae.jpg

     photo IMG_4922_zps9ea0b0d5.jpg

     photo IMG_4942_zps3a33d240.jpg

     photo IMG_4962_zps405eb78b.jpg

     photo IMG_5001_zps1ea8b008.jpg

     photo IMG_5032_zpsdfc2d71d.jpg

     photo IMG_5081_zpscf21d7c7.jpg